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Usted ha encontrado el #1 (somos la ehwey.com autentico) revista de Internet de BMX por Mexico, ehwey.com, fundada por John Dale de RedEndo.com - si usted tiene alguna pregunta acerca de la historia de ehwey.com, envienos un correo electronico! info@curbrider.com



Eddie Fiola

Eddie Fiola is cool. Above: Eddie sent us a picture of him riding Flow Pedals at Oakley Dirt Labs. The guy in the foreground? Stu Thomsen. This picture gives us an epic feeling. Much gratitude to Eddie Fiola. On his Facebook at the time, Scot Breithaupt commented that Eddie was beating him around the track on Flow Pedals. On the track using Flow Pedals, would Freestyle riders have an advantage in races? :)

Pull Your Pants Up!

I had never written a book before, but I'd written a lot. We're having a great ride and want to share that with all of you. This book is chalked full of potty humor and really significant BMX industry insight. It makes a great gift, but might also shift your paradigm in terms of where we can take this sport together. Thanks to the dozens of people who have bought the book and recommended it to friends. We ain't rich, and every dollar helps us survive. I'm working on the next book now called "The RedEndo BMX Story" that will tell the tale of RedEndo BMX, founded in 2006 as a think tank to help figure out how to take BMX to good places. It's really a pretty crazy story when I think back about the birth of Flow Pedals and how RedEndo BMX made that possible. The experience was enlightening and interesting. If you want to know more, send email to info@curbrider.com - Check out this short e-book if you havn't already. Warning: potty humor and some mature content. available on amazon, so pick up a copy and get knowledge, son!

Hanging out in South Dakota

Well folks, it looks like we'll be moving our Global Headquarters to South Dakota. We've been here a couple of years now and things have fallen into place. During the Summer, it's the the place to be and the winters bring a lot of great snow to play in. But you know us - it's more about the no snow flow, bro! It's 40 miles from the geographic center of The United States. Thanks to our supporters who aren't afraid to let it all hang out there. Life is short. Go flow!

Energy Drinks in BMX - 1000 Words

Picture of a hummingbird who apparently suffered an immediate heart attack after drinking from an unattended energy drink can.

Getting Rad with Flow Pedals

BMX Freestyle has always been about change. The movie Rad heightened the outsider status of BMX Freestyle. Riding BMX Freestyle bicycles on megaramps, skateparks, and dirt jumps is becoming normal, but basketball, baseball, and BMX? For us - the purists, BMX Freestyle's core - BMX Freestyle is not static. When change stops in BMX Freestyle, BMX Freestyle ceases to exist. Curbrider Flow Pedals keep Freestyle alive.

Dew Tour and X Games Safety

Dew Tour and X Games officials should take a hard look at using Flow Pedals to increase the safety of Megaramp and other BMX Freestyle competitions. What purpose do cranks serve on The Megaramp? Flow Pedals, much like the dynamics of bobsledding, could enable a whole new class of amazing athletic competition and even a whole new industry. For reasons stated in our safety dissertation we believe Flow Pedals will increase the level of performance in competition while making the sport safer for participants of all ages and skill levels. The geometry of The BMX Bicycle make it perfect to adapt to Flow Pedal style riders like Gary Young, Chase Hawk, and Mike Aitken.

The Fantastic Turnaround

In 2006 I founded RedEndo BMX to change the BMX scene in Tucson which was steeped in controversy, crime, and cross-displinary in-fighting. At that time, there were no safe public places to ride BMX Freestyle and kids were sharing drainage ditches with hobos and illegal immigrants to get a session. 7 years later, Kevin Paraza, a regular at Premesis Park in Tucson takes first in Simple Session vs the world's best park riders and earns a spot on the most prestigious BMX team in the sport, Mongoose BMX. Mission accomplished. It took a lot of hard work by a lot of riders, families, legislators, and law enforcement, but Tucson and RedEndo BMX are great examples of how it's possible to turn things around in your community!

I got the bug!

Click here to read "I got the bug" by John Dale.

Crazy Flow Pedals electric bike setup!

Click here to see the full story of a Flow Pedals bottom/bracket conversion on an electric mountain bike.


Our most recent batch of Flow Pedals are in! They are high-pressure injection-molded in The U.S.A. from DuPont SUPER TOUGH 10% glass-filled nylon. They are far stronger than anything we've ever put out.

Essential BMX Safety Gear

Curbrider Flow Pedals are essential BMX safety gear. Cranks, sprockets, and chains are used to make the bike go forward. Flow Pedals are made to make the bike go upward .. safely.

Better, Different BMX Products

Curbrider makes unique patented products for BMX that make BMX Freestyle more accessible and safe for everyone.

No snow flow, bro!

Achieving a flow state is a great way to combat narcissism. See Keith Campbell's book.

Thanks to the RedEndo BMX Team - you guys are rad!

Flow Pedals are 3 pounds lighter

Flow Pedals are made in The USA

They are easy to use and fun!

Flow Pedals teach fundamentals

Flow Pedals are strong and light

They even work upside-down

No question ... they are different

They are higher fidelity

It's no snow flow, bro!

Email flow@curbrider.com to get yours, now!

The Curbrider Flow Team:
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Eddie Fiola
Anthony Galvan
Chuck McFadden
John Dale
Nick Ohrt
Andrew Fowler
Harley Knepper
Caleb Evans
Andrew Coleman
Joey Harding
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